Hey, Insurance Agents!

1)  Are you struggling to set enough meetings with decision-makers?

2)  Have you ever found your career and/or your sales process getting derailed because you didn’t know that the choices you were making were HUGE mistakes?

3)  Do you sometimes feel like you are trying to run your career race while chest deep in water… and you just can’t get any momentum?


I’m Jeff C. West

“Let me help guide you to a great career!”

“Why should you listen to me?  Because I have experienced all of those things as well… and I found a way to persist.  So Can YOU!”

“Wherever you are in your career, I’ve been in your shoes.  I started in entry-level insurance sales with no experience, no leads and no renewal income.  But over the course of time, I learned a sales model that is built on the science of how people make decisions.  In my story, working with that science transformed an average sales career into a multi-million dollar career – including 10 years as a State Manager for a nationally recognized Fortune 500® insurance company, and member of their prestigious President’s Club.”   

“If you will allow me to be your guide, we can work together to turn your story into the best, yet to come.”

Put me to the test!  Take advantage of my…


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Sales Secrets Every Insurance Agent Wishes They Had Known

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How To Make a Prospect Actually Look Forward To Meeting You

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7 Mistakes That Cause Insurance Agents to Fail, and How to Avoid Them

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6 Steps To Insure That YOU Make it in Selling Insurance