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I’m Jeff C. West.

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Training and Resources

“You are going to love this!” 

~  Jeff

Products, workshops and resources to give you what you need in order to become HUGELY successful in sales!

Survival Skills for Commission Salespeople

“The training program I wish I could have taken when I began my career in sales.”

~ Jeff

The Proven Step-by-Step “How-to-System” For Equipping Outside Salespeople to Make Sales, Earn Incomes and Love Their Life in Sales.


Sales Leadership

“You were great in sales… and now you are supposed to lead those things… you know… salespeople!”

~ Jeff

Tips, strategies, and resources to help you develop a leadership skill set that reduces your turnover and creates amazing success with your team.

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“One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from Jeff is to always deliver more than what has been promised.  A person may forget what you say, but they will never forget how you treated them. Jeff has helped me find abilities within myself that I never knew existed and he was instrumental in developing those abilities to a level I would have never achieved alone.”

Brian Isbell

Financial Advisor, Edward D. Jones and Company, L.P., Jacksboro, Texas

“Hey there Jeff! I just wanted to check in and let you know that I shattered my company’s three month sample volume. I’m 10 over so far with 3 business days left! Your tips have greatly helped me in my success!”

Kaila Gilstrap, MHA

Territory Manager, Microgen DX

“I live by the saying in the sales and personal development world of, “It is not what you hear, but what you keep hearing!” After listening to your video and the actual delivery process I gave it a heartfelt try on a prospect that had been extremely difficult to get a hold of after our initial phone encounter where they then did not qualify for our product/service offering. After I gave the KEY HOLDER a value proposition and extended an invite to have an analysis done in regards to our updated product servicing offering, she almost immediately responded with the information I needed. Then upon us completing our call, the main decision maker from the practice and I had a brief discussion and instead of us setting a formal one on one appointment, he was so intrigued that we ended up doing a webinar meeting from his home last night. Long story made short, I checked my email, and low and behold all of the initial documents they needed to complete was already sent in.. This particular client has a yearly annual gross revenue potential of $1.8 million dollars.  I think I will be implementing your sales tips to my entire company ASAP.”

Marquis C. Jones, Sr.

National Accounts Manager, Unyter Enterprises, LLC/LASG

“The foundational principles both exhibited in Jeff’s personal life and taught through his professional life are more than keys to sales success, they are life principles as well. It is a double blessing as an inspirational/motivational speaker and teacher to be able to pass these concepts and teachings on to others, helping them become more successful in business and in life. Jeff is one of the most influential people I have ever had the privilege to know.”

Kay Stinnett

Inspirational/Motivational Speaker, Children's Minister, Our Passionate Purpose/First Baptist Church, Huffman, Texas

“Jeff West is the best sales leader that I ever had the pleasure to work with and train under. I still apply the principles I learned from him and am passing them on to my teams today. I truly believe those lessons learned have helped me to become the leader I am today, both professionally and personally.”

Jeff Rogers

Managing Partner, P3 Services Group, LLC, Flower Mound, Texas