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Jeff West is the award winning author of the heartwarming business fable, The Unexpected Tour Guide, winner of the Bronze Level Award in the Business Fable Category from the Axiom Business Book Awards in 2015 and recipient of kind endorsements from bestselling authors Bob Burg, Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins.

He is a proud member of The Go-Giver Community and The Go-Giver Success Alliance with Bob Burg and Kathy Tagenel.

He has been a guest on national and international sales shows such as The Go-Giver Influencers – Making a Significant Impact, hosted by Bob Burg, The Buyer’s Mind with Jeff Shore, The Author Your Brand Show with Doug Crowe, Monday Morning Madness with Lisa Wilber, Author to Authority with Kim Thompson-Pinder and Add Value 2 Entrepreneurs with Robert Peterson, and has been a quoted source for publications such as Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, the National Federation of Independent Business, and Peak Sales Recruiting.

For over 30 years, Jeff coached and led sales teams in multiple industries and was among the top sales performers and leaders in the nation. For over twenty years, he was an entrepreneur in field sales management with the Fortune 500® insurance company, Aflac.

Jeff has earned a B.S. Music Ed. from Jacksonville State University; a Master of Music Composition from Texas A&M University, Commerce; and a Certified Leadership Fellow® from The American College.

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