A Business/Sales Parable by Jeff C. West and Lisa M. Wilber…

Said the Lady with the Blue Hair

7 Rules for Success in Direct Sales Wrapped in a Wonderful Lesson for Life

Winner of the Axiom Business Book Awards Silver Medal

Finalist in The American Bookfest and The American Indie Excellence Awards

Amazon #1 New Release in Direct Sales


Kai Frazier is a mother raising her ten year-old daughter, Michaela… alone. Happily married for over ten years, never dreaming she would have to build a new life for the two of them – she now faces difficult and unwanted decisions.

On a beach in Hawaii, she encounters Belle, the lady with the blue hair – a most unusual woman. A friendship develops between the two and Kai’s new mentor guides her as she embarks on her journey into the future.

The characters are lovable, realistic and entertaining. The fiction is at times poignant… at times humorous… and always engaging. And the message contained in Said the Lady with the Blue Hair will help anyone become more successful in their business, career and life.

Streetwise to Saleswise

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The 7 Rules for Success

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    Bob Burg

    Lisa M. Wilber

     Lisa M. Wilber was named Avon’s “Woman of Enterprise”, the top honor given to independent representatives by the company. She has also been included numerous times on “The 50 Most Influential People in Direct Sales” list and earned Avon’s “Yellow Rose of Courage”. Other awards include being named the “Top Female Network Marketer in the World” and voted the “Ambitious Women’s Choice Award”.

    Lisa has been selling and team building for Avon since 1981 when she was 18 years old. When Avon introduced their network marketing program entitled “Leadership”, Lisa was able to attain the top level of achievement within 15 months of joining the program. She and her team have consistently performed in the top 10 in team sales volume in the United States for over 25 years. Attaining her professional status with the National Speaker’s Association, she has conducted seminars around the world including Canada, Ireland, the UK and across the United States. Lisa Wilber is the author of three books and the co-author of half a dozen more, including her trademark anthology book series entitled, A View from the Top, which includes chapters by over 60 top leaders in Avon.

    Streetwise to Saleswise

    Jeff West

    For over 30 years, Jeff West coached and led sales teams in multiple industries and was among the top sales performers and leaders in the nation. For over twenty years, he was an entrepreneur in field sales management with the Fortune 500® insurance company, Aflac.

    Now a sought-after conference speaker, Jeff is also author and coauthor of the multi-award-winning sales parables, The Unexpected Tour Guide and Said the Lady with the Blue Hair (coauthored with Lisa Wilber) and Streetwise to Saleswise: Become ObjectionProof™ and Beat the Sales Blues.

    Jeff has been on numerous national and international podcasts and been a quoted source for publications such as Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, the National Federation of Independent Business, and Peak Sales Recruiting.

    Whether onstage or during interviews, he combines hard-hitting, take-to-the-bank sales wisdom with a folksy humor that engages the audience as have few others.

    Praise for Said the Lady with the Blue Hair

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    “A refreshing, heart warming read that has lessons for direct selling beginners as well as experienced leaders at all levels.  Also recommend for corporate executives in parent organizations, as alignment with a company’s values is a cornerstone of any direct seller’s success.  As Kai learns and practices Belle’s 7 Rules for Success, she transforms from neophyte to a mentor/coach, understanding the integration of her ‘why’ and her life/work balance.”

    — Angie Rossi

    Group Vice President - North America Sales – Retired, Avon

    “I enjoyed reading Said the Lady With the Blue Hair. Knowing Lisa Wilber, coauthor – direct seller extraordinaire, the parable reads a bit like an autobiography. There are many subtleties for the reader. Principles and values are vividly described and emphasized. This parable is actually a tribute to all direct sellers who have built their businesses focused on the products and services they love, the customers and team members they serve. This is a story about how ordinary can become extraordinary!”  

    — John T. Fleming

    Principal Ideas & Design Group, LLC, Author - "Ultimate Gig", "The One Course", "LEVERAGE"

    “Are you starting a direct sales business? Need some guard rails to stay on track? It is easy to follow every tip we hear, but we forget to have a strategy for success. Belle’s 7 rules help direct sellers create their business by serving others. Follow Kai’s development story as she discovers her way to becoming a direct sales team builder.”

    — Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

    Author of the Big Al books network marketing series.

    “This book will grab you the minute you start reading. While it is jam-packed with sage advice for direct sales, it also shares a heart-felt story about a widow’s struggle to build a life and financial security for her daughter and her.  I have tried my hand at direct sales over the years and I never had much success.  How I wish I’d had this book to guide me along the way. For those of you who think you might not be good at direct sales, this is a must read. You’ll close the book and quickly  dive into a world of success and excitement. For those of you already involved in direct sales, this book with help you soar to the next level of success.  Thanks to my friends Jeff and Lisa for writing such an outstanding, helpful, book.

    — Susan Solovic – THE Small Business Expert,

    Regular Contributor to Fox Business News, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author of, "It’s Your Biz: The Complete Guide to Becoming Your Own Boss", and "The Girl’s Guide to Building a Million Dollar Business".

    “Being in direct sales for almost 20 years, I have experienced everything in this book from the person looking for something in their life to the person who grows into the one who wants to help others.  Every person who wants to know where direct sales can lead them or how to be a leader with heart should read Said the Lady with Blue Hair. Entertaining, Relatable, and Honest to a T! Can’t wait to get this in the hands of my team and share it with my tribe!” 

    — Molly Stone-Bibb

    Bronze Executive Leader, National Recruiter & Trainer, New Avon, LLC

    “Tell me what to do and I can promise I’ll soon lose interest. That’s why I don’t finish 9 out of 10 ‘How To’ books I start. But tell me a story. Hook me with real, interesting people I fall in like with… in love with. People whose lives I don’t just read about, but experience… then you’ve got me.  The Said the Lady with the Blue Hair story got me… good. Then it ever-so cleverly taught me things. Some I knew. Some I didn’t. The best ones were things I thought I knew, but was shown in such a way that I got them more and better than ever before.”

    — John Milton Fogg

    Author of the million-selling book, "The Greatest Networker in the World"

    “This story connects! It connects you to who you are and what you value most. It connects you to the impact you can have in the world – with others. It connects you to the disciplines of success. You’ll connect with the characters too. They will move your heart and inspire action. This story is for anyone who is designing a life around what they love. It is filled with wisdom and beautifully human.”

    — Dondi Scumaci

    Author of, "Designed for Success: Ten Commandments for Women in the Workplace", and "Ready, Set...Grow", and "Career Moves"

    “Jeff West and Bob Burg have written the next sales classic! Their parable pulled me in from the first page and was so engaging, I didn’t want it to end. They masterfully weaved their sales lessons into the story in a way that made them forever fused into my heart and mind. It felt effortless to read and learn.”

    — Kathy Tagenel

    President, Go-Givers International

    Selling isn’t just about closing, it’s truly about connecting. And this story connects!!! Emphasizing that our greatest influence is in our impact and value we provide to others, this gem of a story shares with us how to do this as our authentic self, through characters in the book that emulate what we go through and grow through best in life.  If you want to “build a life you don’t need a vacation from and a business customers are drawn too” this is a fantastic book to put you on that path.”

    — Dennis Giannetti

    National Sales Speaker and Trainer, Mastermind Leader, VIP Retreat and Results Coach

    “Jeff and Lisa have done a brilliant job of weaving together interesting characters, entertaining stories, and a series of business and life principles that can help anyone looking to have a success business that makes an impact in the lives of others. Bravo!”

    — Christie Ruffino

    Master Story Activator

    “A simply terrific book that combines an immensely engaging story you won’t be able to put down along with the powerful principles needed to build a successful Direct Selling business. Follow ‘Belle’s’ Rules’ and you’ll find yourself serving many more people, earning a significantly higher income, and most important of all, living a life of joy and happiness. If you’re a Direct Sales Leader…you’ll want to promote this book to your entire team, both established veterans and those who’ve just joined! It’s that impactful!”

    —Bob Burg

    Coauthor of "The Go-Giver" and Go-Giver Book Series

    “A delightful story filled with wit and wisdom that will have you laughing and tearing up—and sometimes at the same time! The characters felt like dear friends and I did not want the story to end. The book masterfully shares Belle’s “7 Rules for Success in Direct Sales.” It raises the standard for the direct sales profession. If you are just starting in direct sales or you’re a successful leader, you will want to read this little gem and pass it along to as many people in your organization as possible.”

    — Kathy Tagenel

    President, Go-Givers International

    Said the Lady with the Blue Hair starts with a poignant question: Who knew? The protagonist of this short novella is Kai, an unexpectedly single mother who has just been widowed. She must create a new life in circumstances she never anticipated, and she feels very much alone. That challenge is familiar to all too many people: Nobody ever knows what the future will bring. This business parable walks the reader through the inspiring story of how Kai builds a new life by creating an independent career for herself. The book’s subtitle may be specific – 7 Rules for Success in Direct Sales Wrapped in a Wonderful Lesson for Life — but its user-friendly advice offers encouragement and guidance for anyone facing the need to reinvent themselves.” 

    — Leslie Bennetts

    Author of The Feminine Mistake and Last Girl Before Freeway, Longtime Writer for Vanity Fair, Former Reporter for The New York Times, Speaker on Women’s Empowerment and Financial Security Issues. Published in, Thirty Ways of Looking at Hillary, The Secret Currency of Love and other anthologies.

    “I’ve been in the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industry for decades. I am the founder of TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com for going on 18 years. I’ve been responsible for reading thousands of articles written by the Best of the Best. Lisa Wilber and Jeff West have given us one of the best gifts in their latest books, Said the Lady with the Blue Hair. This is a wonderfully engaging story that all of us will embrace. It has lessons we can put into action in our own business, right away. Make sure that you not only get a copy of this future bestseller, but encourage your entire team to embrace this wonderful book for themselves.”

    — George Madiou

    Founder and Publisher of https://TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com

    “What a great story about perseverance and finding your path in life! Said the Lady with the Blue Hair had my attention from the beginning!  Kai’s character is very relatable for many people encountering direct sales for the first time. The quirky humor and Kai’s enthusiasm to learn made this a fun read! The lessons in business and practical advice make this book a great read for anyone new in the industry.  It is also a valuable guide for any leaders building a team. The 7 Rules for Success in Direct Sales can be followed in any organization you choose to join.”

    — Barb Miller

    Super Affiliate with My Daily Choice, Mega Million Club Inner Circle

    “I enjoyed success by accidentally obeying some of the rules Lisa and Jeff explain in, Said the Lady with Blue Hair. You don’t have to wait for an accident. Just read this book.”

    — Dan Rockwell,

    Inc Magazine Top 50 Leadership Expert and author of "Leadership Freak"

    “Such a fun read with truly valuable insight on building a successful Direct Selling business and just as importantly, a wonderful life!  ‘Belle’s Rules’ are like having a step-by-step guide to greatness!”

    — April Shprintz

    Creator of The Generosity Culture® & Author of, "Magic Blue Rocks, The Secret to Doing Anything"

    “I just got the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this wonderful parable! Said the Lady with the Blue Hair is a remarkable and relatable story of the real meaning of success.  The 7 lessons apply to all of business and life. If you are looking for a great read, preorder this engaging story by my dear friends, Lisa Wilber and Jeff West.”

    — Ana Gabriel Mann

    Corporate Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Business Coach and the Coauthor of "The Go-Giver Marriage"

    “A BLUE-HAIRED LADY LIKE NO OTHER! Shattering the stereotype of blue-haired ladies is just the beginning of the fun and new perspectives you’ll discover in Said the Lady with the Blue Hair. This book combines powerful life-lessons along with proven direct-selling insights… all wrapped in a warm, entertaining, and relatable parable. Lisa and Jeff team up to create a story featuring three distinct themes – at least one of which you’re certain to relate with … and a high likelihood you’ll achieve the trifecta and gain value from all three. Where you’re simply interested in a read filled with warmth, are seeking to adapt to a new direction of your life, or are striving to create a profitable success journey via direct sales – this book is a must read.”

    — Bill Ellis

    Brand Architect, Branding for Results