There is a science – an actual neurological process that occurs in the brain with each and every decision we humans make.  There are no exceptions.

When we apply that science in our sales and customer service models, our sales team retention plans, and even in our own career path… we can influence how some very important decisions are made.

We can influence how a prospect decides to listen to our offer.  We can influence how a potential buyer decides to become our customer and eventual walking ambassador.   We can influence how we, as salespeople, decide to be tenacious and persist in our chosen profession.

And sales leaders can influence how their sales teams decide to stay with them–instead of defecting to their competitors, or leaving sales completely.

Fusion Points®: Engage The Science of Persistence can equip you and your organization to do exactly that.

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“We had Jeff speak at our annual sales kickoff meeting in Scottsdale, AZ and he did a fabulous job!  I heard from so many of our sales reps that this was the BEST speaker we’ve ever brought in.  Great message, 5-Star performance!!” 

~ Scott Webb, Scottsdale, AZ.

Many speakers can speak for ten-minutes and make it seem like an hour.  Jeff West can speak for an hour and make it seem like ten-minutes.”

~ Eric Leger, Albuquerque, NM.

“Jeff’s message was motivational and really connected with the heart of our team.  His delivery was top notch.  And from the feedback I have received my team not only enjoyed it, they took something away from the presentation.”

~ John D. Tyler, Greenville, SC

“Jeff’s message and delivery gets to the core of what truly motivates people to succeed. He helps them understand their “Why”.  ~

~ Al Weston, Greenville, NC

“You ROCKED!  It was the highlight of our meeting!”

~ Cathy Lee, Raleigh, NC.


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