The value of your business acumen should never be taken for granted.

Whether you are in sales, sales leadership or are an entrepreneur who has to wear several hats in your company – bringing great value to your prospects and customers is the most important component of your success.

Part of that value must be your knowledge of how to run your processes in a way that brings the highest level of benefit to those who choose to do business with you.  You may be the foremost expert in your field and have a wealth of knowledge that could be very helpful to your customer.  But if you run your business in an unprofessional and inefficient way, you will soon find your customers seeking other suppliers for what you offer.

Additionally, you must develop your insights and understanding of business issues that affect your customer’s business.  Becoming a resource for them will help to elevate you from the status of supplier to trusted partner in their eyes.

For your personal business as well as that of your customers, you should be a great student of the small business world.

Susan Solovic, THE Small Business Expert and frequent contributor on the Fox Business Channel is a great resource.  I read a recent article of hers that I wanted to share with you today.


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