I love a motivational coach!

I have never been the kind of leader that would “get in your face” and let you hear that cold hard facts about becoming successful in sales.

I always tried to find a way to deliver the same message in a more palatable format.  As I think of this, I am reminded of one of my favorite people, former President, George W. Bush.  He apparently coined the phrase, “compassionate conservatism”.

I liked that phrase.

That phrase communicated two very important thoughts.  First – compassionate – the idea that we should help those in need.  This included financial assistance where applicable.  But it also encompassed the idea that being compassionate also meant that you equipped people to “not need the assistance” and to be able to stand on their own.  Second – conservatism – every capable person should work and not be dependent on the government for their sustenance.

When it came to sales coaching, there were times when I would be thinking, “Just get up off your rear-end, stop complaining and blaming others for your lack of success, and go to work!”

However, I would never say such things.  But I really enjoyed getting them around others who would say it for me from their particular stage.

Enjoy one of my favorite writers, Dan Waldschmidt.


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