I had many great teachers throughout my school years.  Many of them are forever etched in my memory because of the influence they had on me.

One of my favorites was my high school English teacher, Ms. Layne.

“Why?” you may ask.

First, she was beautiful! A teenage boy never forgets a crush on a teacher. 🙂

Of course, back then those things were totally innocent and just a part of growing up.

Second, I met my first love in Ms. Layne’s class on the first day of my freshmen year.  A teenage boy never forgets his first love. 🙂

I suppose I am feeling romantic today.

But most importantly, Ms. Layne was the first teacher who encouraged me to write.  I even had some short poems published into the school yearbook.  That desire to write has stayed with me over the decades since high school.

Facebook has helped me connect with many people over the last year.  That has been a real blessing. Ms. Layne and I are now friends there – although her name has changed now.  She even reads many of my blogs.  And she doesn’t even grade them. 🙂

One of the things that still makes me smile about her was when I, or one of my partners in crime, would be up to some sort of mischief.  She would give us a quick glance and ask, “Why are you doing that?”

Although my answer to Ms. Layne was probably something along the lines of, “Uhhhh….” – that question is one that I have carried with me for years now.

The first step in any successful adventure is to answer the question, “Why are you doing that?”


“Defining your sales target is secondary to defining “why” you want to hit that target.”


Too often, people in sales begin their goal setting process with a sales target of some sort.  If that is what you do – I ask you, “Why are you doing that?”

Defining your sales target is secondary to defining “why” you want to hit that target.

What are the most important components in a happy life for you?  What means so much to you that you would fight, if necessary, to protect it?

How does your career play a part in making those other parts of your life better?

Once you have a clear picture on “Why you are doing that?” – then you can estimate the income you need to generate in order to make that part a reality.

Real goal setting starts before your sales targets.

Thanks Ms. Layne!


What income do you need to generate over the next five years to provide the life that you want?