You really don’t have to be the brightest bulb in the basket.

One of my greatest mentors in sales was Frank Davies.  He is one of the two men to whom I dedicated my book, The Unexpected Tour Guide.  Frank was always passionate about what we did.  He was enthusiastic.  He was a great leader.

Once when Frank was spending time with me, he told me something that surprised me at first.  He was discussing some of the difficulties he had in school and how it affected his college options. Then he brought the discussion around to our business and coaching me.  He said, “I wasn’t the brightest kid in school.  But when it came to selling Aflac, I was smart enough to find people who were successful, and I did it the same way they did.”

Frank – I think you were pretty darn smart.

If you want to be successful at anything in life (especially sales), you have two very distinct choices.  One, you find other people who are successful at the same thing – and duplicate what they did.  Or two, you find those who failed at the same thing – and you do the exact opposite.

One of my favorite sales trainers, Jeffrey Gitomer, interviewed some of the world’s most successful sales people.  In this article, he tells you what they did that set them apart.

Duplicate it…