When It’s Right For Them



I have had the adventure of working with people across the country in various roles.  As a result, I have learned to truly enjoy the accents and language variations from so many wonderful people.


I have a friend named Joe, from Rhode Island.  Joe taught me the definition of “flip-chot”.  flip-chot” was a large pad of paper attached to an easel.  As you drew or wrote information on one page, you would flip the page over and begin again.  In Texas, we call that a flip-chart.  But my friend Joe taught me that in Rhode Island, it was a “flip-chot”.


Another sales manager that I knew was from a small town on the coast of North Carolina.  His southern accent was even more pronounced than my own.  He believed that in sales, you must continually check back with people after you initiate contact.


He would often say, “Foller-up is key to the success of any salesman.  Foller-up, foller-up, foller-up.”


Quite frankly, he was right!  Follow-up is key to becoming a successful sales person.  The reason is simple – people make decisions based on the timing that is right for them.


My good friend and Best Selling Author, Bob Burg had a great post about the importance of follow-up.  You should take a minute to read it.




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