What Time Is It?


I am often in discussions with companies, sales leaders and sales people.  One of the questions that I ask is what do you think are the key areas in which you or your team needs the most help?


One of the answers that has been given to me consistently over the last three decades is “time management.”


As an entrepreneur or sales professional – how you choose to spend your time will be one of the greatest predictors of your eventual success.


In his book, The One Thing, Gary Keller of Keller Williams Realty reveals that he believes most of us are unable to trim our list of “to dos” down so that we are only working on the most important thing we should do.  In my case, I think he is correct.  I am not a strong multi-tasker.  According to Keller – no one really is.


I also read a recent article on INC. Magazine, written by Syed Balkhi, which gave some great pointers for gaining control of your time.  I thought you would enjoy the article.



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