One of my favorite questions that I get from time to time – especially from people who are relatively new to selling – is “What should I take with me on my presentation?”

“When do you do a presentation?” I will ask.

“What do you mean?” will be their reply.

“Is your sales model built on a one-call close?  Or do you usually have an initial meeting, followed by recommendations at a follow-up meeting?”

Either way, I have never been a big believer in bringing in a plethora of company provided sales material on prospecting calls or initial meetings.  A weak sales person will try to leave the collateral, hoping that it will make the sales presentation for them.  That never works.  Also, delivering expensive printed material to a prospective client prior to engaging them enough so that they will know why they would need you is a waste of money.  Your company brochures will make their way to the trash.

Andy Bounds had a great article about this subject that I thought you would find of value.


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