I love Halloween!

People get dressed up in all kinds of costumes.  They decorate their yards.  And lighthearted mischief seems to be the theme in the marketplace as you make your sales calls.

I was never one to get wrapped up in the negative scary side of Halloween, although  I have friends and family who visit haunted houses on a regular basis.  I just never saw the point.

What scares you – especially in your sales process?

You may find this unusual, but I have found that most sales people – even the super successful ones have some part of their sales process that creates some anxious feelings on their part.  The difference between success and… well, not being successful in sales is not a lack of fear.  It is instead the ability to act in spite of the fear.

Don’t let your fears stop you.

Dr. David J. Schwartz, author of, The Magic of Thinking Big actually gives us the most simple way to conquer our fears.  In chapter 3 of the book, Dr. Schwartz refers to a technique that the Navy used during WWII to help sailors overcome their fear of water.  Expert swimmers would be gathered around in the water – and the sailor who was frightened of the water would be required to jump in – with the knowledge that the others would guarantee his safety.

As a former Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, I don’t think I could recommend that training process.  However, there is very little doubt that the program conquered their fears.

“Action cures fear.”

Dr. David J. Schwartz

I think that simple quote has tremendous power.

Make a list of the activities in your sales process.  Give yourself a rating from 1-5 as to your current comfort range with each activity.  Rank those activities from least comfortable to most.  As we go through this week, we will discuss ways for you to conquer those feelings of anxiety in some of those key areas.

There is another component to the example of how the Navy taught this principle.  They had experts there to help the novice if needed.   So sales leaders,  take the pointer from the Navy.  When you have a novice who is frightened, make sure that you surround them with experts who can assist as needed.

Be a great Sales Tour Guide.

QUESTION:  Has fear of a sales activity crept back into your thoughts – after you had previously defeated it?