My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Taylor, was a very sweet and strict lady.  She had the ability to “straighten you out” with just a look.  Very few youngsters would ever “act up” in Mrs. Taylor’s class.  We all knew better.

One of the many life skills  (in addition to multiplication) that Mrs. Taylor wanted to pass along to all of us was encouraging us to listen and not interrupt.  This was particularly challenging for me.  I have no idea why.  I think it was because I was quick to want to share my expertise on any subject.

Go figure… 🙂

One of Mrs. Taylor’s phrases of wisdom was, “You have two ears and one mouth.  Please use them in that proportion.”

Matt Heinz had a great post about listening to people and looking for that “lean in” type of moment.

I thought you would enjoy reading it.

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