Grab a cup of coffee!  This morning, I am going to reveal to you the truth about marriage.

Are you ready?

We all know that marriage isn’t easy.  There are times when it seems really tough.  Some might even say that with 1/2 of all marriages ending in divorce, marriages are pretty much doomed from the beginning and there is no reason to stay in something that is going to fail anyway.

But the real truth about marriage, according to researcher Shaunti Feldhahn is that those statistics are misleading at best.  In her book, The Good News About Marriage, co-written with Tally Whitehead, Shaunti states that the divorce rate has steadily fallen over the years.


“There’s no such thing as a 50% divorce rate.  It’s never been close.  Present statistics {according to census bureau data} indicate that 72% of married people are still married to their first spouse.”


-Shaunti Feldhahn

The reason for the discrepancy is multifaceted.  According to Feldhahn, that 50% number was based on projections of trends that were calculated in the 1970’s – when “no-fault” divorces first became legal.

I believe another reason for the false statistic is in found in how you look at the numbers.  If those that the census bureau found not to be in their first marriage average only about 2.6 marriages per person, the statistic gets very close to 50%.

From one view, 72% of married people are still married to their first spouse.  From a different view, over 40% of all marriages end in divorce.  Which view would make you feel more confident and more persistent in sustaining your marriage until death do you part?

It is all in how you look at the data.

Sales ratios can take on a similar characteristic.  How you view the data can make a big difference in your attitude and success.  From one view, you are confident and persistent.  From the other, you are frustrated and surrendering your future.

This week, we will be focusing on knowing your sales ratios and how to interpret the data so that you can make course corrections as needed and maintain an mindset that drives you to be tenacious and unrelenting toward your goals.

QUESTION:  What system do you use to track your sales ratios?