Think Like An Archer

I love movies. If I have ever spoken for your organization, you already know that. And although I jumped on the bandwagon late, I have finally become a fan of The Hunger Games movie franchise.

For those of you who are not familiar with the characters, (all two of you), the heroine of the story is Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is forced into a competition for her life. I won’t go into the details, other than to tell you that she is an excellent archer.

I am generally good at most shooting sports… eh, well at least at stationary targets. I have friends who can attest that when it comes to hunting doves, I am not so hot. As a matter of fact, on the few times I have gone dove hunting – all of the live doves gathered close by me to hide from the other hunters. They knew that around my feet… they were all very safe.

Archers have always intrigued me. The bow is a difficult weapon to master. So I have a real respect for those who are proficient at the sport. Even those who are fictional, like Katniss. 🙂


In your sales process, picture a great archer.


Ask questions to get your prospect to verbalize multiple needs for your various solutions. However, each time they express another issue that you know you can solve for them – don’t immediately give the solution. Hold back.


“Think of each issue verbalized, for which you have a solution, as adding another arrow to your quiver.”

– Jeff C. West


Then once you have 3-5 arrows in your quiver, slowly take out and load each arrow, pull back and release your point directly into the bulls eye. Do this one shot at a time.

Follow these 4 steps:


Restate the specific issue they verbalized to you. Use your own words, but communicate their issue. Gain agreement that you understand what they said.


Explain what you offer which is a solution to their challenge.


Link your solution to the value they gain by resolving their issue. Secure their agreement of that value.


Ask a question to get them to express the relief or benefit they will receive when their issue is resolved.

Use those 4 steps for the most accuracy each time you deliver your arrow to the target.


QUESTION: Which of the 4 steps give you the best results?