[lightbox link=”https://jeffcwest.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/So-THATs-it.jpg” thumb=”https://jeffcwest.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/So-THATs-it.jpg” width=”191″ align=”left” title=”So THATs it” frame=”true” icon=”image”]Have you ever been giving some great coaching to your sales team – I mean the kind of message that will change their future forever if they will just apply the skill you are teaching – and then you felt as if your words were falling on deaf ears? Have you then observed those same sales people watching another trainer deliver the exact same material – only to watch your team as the light bulb went off and they said, “Oh! So that’s how you do it! I wish someone had taught me that earlier!”

Kind of makes you want to pull your hair out, huh? Or maybe it makes you want to pull their hair out 🙂

Sales managers and business owners – don’t lose heart! It really doesn’t matter if their new found intelligence is due to something you have taught them, or from things they learn from others – when they “get it” their results go up. And when their results go up – everybody wins! President Harry Truman is credited with saying, “You can achieve anything as long as you don’t care who gets the credit.” There is no more applicable arena for Harry’s comment that in the education and coaching of a successful sales team.

Every person learns in their own way. And they often learn when they are finally receptive to hearing the message. You should make finding great sales blogs with messages that you want reinforced a routine part of your sales direction.

I found just such a blog that every sales manager and business owner should direct your team to read. It is by, S. Anthony Iannarino.


Give ’em hell, Harry!