The Mind of a Sales Pro



The mental make-up of the successful sales person will most definitely consist of 5 distinguishable traits.  These traits are actually skills which you may intentionally develop over time.



The true sales professional is a student.  They are constantly on the lookout for ways in which they may develop their skill sets.  They seek advice from mentors whom they respect, and then they make great efforts in applying the lessons they absorb.  They are not afraid to experiment and innovate, however they are also willing to learn from the people around them.  Often they are the leader in the group – but when called upon to be a follower, they are willing to  do so.


Target Focused

Successful sales people will set a goal and then stay laser focused on that target.  They do not depend on things “just working out” because they have skills and are willing to work.  They know that their performance improves in direct proportion to the specificity of their goal.



Once a target has been set, the successful sales professional is strategic in planning the proper activities, acquiring the necessary skills and tools, and enlisting the help of the essential people needed in order to bring the goal to fruition.  They lay out a successful plan and then work that plan.



Everyone experiences setbacks when pursuing anything worthwhile.  When confronted with a challenge, some people lose their backbone and give in to their desire to quit.  Others will look at the same challenge, and their mind immediately goes to work on finding a solution or a “work around” that will allow them to continue their progress.   Successful people experience the same problems as the unsuccessful people – they just refuse to allow those problems to stop them.



“Success isn’t how high you climb.  It is usually how high you bounce.”

– Jeff C. West



Successful sales professionals have an attitude that is rooted in an “abundance mentality”.  They expect great things to happen.  They expect things to go their way.  They are usually quite friendly and give off a “lift” in spirits to those around them.  People want to be around them, which helps them in everything they do.


Being coachable, target focused, strategic, persistent, and having a great attitude is not something you are born with.  You can and should develop each of those traits.


It is all a choice.  So choose wisely, my friend.


QUESTION:  Which of the traits do you feel you need to work on the most?