‘T’was the Night Before Year-End
By Jeff C West

‘T’was the night before year end, when all through the office
Every sales rep was working, yes, even the novice.
The quotas were posted in the bull-pen with care
In hopes that a miracle would be in the air.

The managers were stressing and taking their meds
As visions of bonuses danced in their heads.
As the numbers were tallied, there was still a gap
Sales calls were happening, no time for a nap.

I was on Facebook, Paul was on Twitter
When suddenly my phone rang from our biggest hitter.
Away from my computer, I turned with a flash
“What do you have, Nick? Will it bring in some cash?”

The silence was eerie, like the answer was “no”
Then slowly he started to put on a show.
“Now listen here boss, our quota is near
I think we can get there, please lend me your ear.”

“It will take and exception and we’ll need it quick!”
“An exception again? You’re killing me Nick!”
He pleaded his case, I agreed to the same.
The team came to action, as I called them by name.

“Now Warehouse! Now Billing!”
“Now Order Fulfilling!”
“Take whiskey! Keep thinking!”
“Get Compliance to drinking!”
“Yes is the answer, we’ll need from them all!”
“Now dash away, dash away!”
“I’ll wait for your call!”

They all came to action! This situation was hairy!
The team was quite focused; with no time to tarry.
They had to be quick, with the clock on the go.
Communication was key; they were all in the know.
‘T’was a site to behold as they all came together
Going after the goal like birds of a feather.
With the score on the board, they all knew the tally
They laughed and they cheered! Oh what a rally!

Paul rang the bell! I gave a whistle!
The room erupted like to boom of a missile!
“We did it!” I shouted “We reached a great height!”
“Happy Year-End to all, and to all a good night!”

Merry Christmas from the West family!