Take It With A Grain of Salt… and a lime, with a shot of tequila! 🙂

I am an avid reader of many things.

I read novels.  I read news stories. And of course, I read articles on sales and leadership.

Most of what I read in the area of sales and leadership tends to be built on some admirable foundations.  Although I may not see the point completely the same as the author, I don’t normally find too much that I would object to either.

However, every now and again I will read an article that seems to say that the need for prospecting and closing has somehow lessened as the industry has evolved.  When I read those posts, I worry for the sales person who is gullible enough to believe what they read online.  I immediately think about the insurance commercial on television that shows the beautiful young lady who believes everything she reads on the internet.

“They can’t put it on the internet if it’s not true.”

Burly man approaches…

“This is my date.  I met him online too.  He is a french model.”

Burly man grunts… “Bone – jure.”

One of my favorite sales authors apparently feels the same way.  S. Anthony Iannarino had a great post about the need for closing the sales.  You should take a look.


Read Anthony’s Post