Success Is Slow – Don’t Give Up


Over my years in sales leadership, some of the best advice I ever gave anyone who was intuitive enough to ask, “What do I do next?” was quite simple.  It was “Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t give up.”


Every step you take toward your goals builds upon the steps you took yesterday and before.  If you are doing the right things – and you are doing enough of the right things… the only way to fail is to stop.


A sales career is not like other careers.


Most of America is used to putting in a 40 hour work week, and then having someone else give them immediate gratification in the form of a paycheck.  


But in sales, you must put diligent work in prior to receiving any type of compensation.  Depending on your sales cycle, that may be anywhere form days to weeks… or even months.  For that reason, it is not unusual for sales people to “give up” when they are so close to success.

One of my favorite authors, Dan Waldschmidt had a great articled on this topic.




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