“Being compelled to finish a non-fiction book in one sitting is rare; doing so while learning new sales lessons after 30-plus years of selling is priceless. Streetwise to Saleswise gets a special place on my shelf as one of my new go-to recommendations and favorites for those new to selling and those who want to be the best in the world at helping their clients.”

~April Shprintz, leading sales expert and award-winning author of Magic Blue Rocks, The Secret to Doing Anything. https://drivenoutcomes.com


“Jeff West and Bob Burg are maestros of storytelling who manage to weave educational content into the narrative so seamlessly that learning feels like an adventure. Prepare to be inspired, entertained, and educated all at once. You will never approach sales the same way again once you learn the magic of Fusion Points® and how to effectively build to a close and clinch it with creativity and confidence.” 

~Alexandra Watkins
Founder, Eat My Words, author, Hello, My Name Is Awesome  http://www.eatmywords.com/

Streetwise to Saleswise is a gem of a book, a beautiful story that will warm your heart while teaching you timeless principles of authentically human salesmanship. Essential reading for everyone on your team!”  

~John David Mann, coauthor of The Go-Giver, The Latte Factor, and The Slight Edge https://johndavidmann.com