Small Business Owner’s Juggling

This is the first in a series of articles that I wrote, which were recently published by Susan Solovic, a frequent guest on Fox Business News. Susan is THE Small Business Expert and you can find her at

Whether you are a small business owner, or you sell to small businesses – Susan is someone you should know.


You are an entrepreneur.

You have chosen the thrill and exhilaration of taking a risk in order to provide the life you want for you and your family. You have said “no” to the idea of working for someone else for the rest of your life. You have finally realized that you would rather shave the bosses face (or legs) than kiss the bosses… well… you know… foot! 😉

You have visualized the future of your business and have seen it clearly.

You have a sales team that is outstanding. They are phenomenal at attracting new customers to your company. They have a gift for understanding the customer’s needs and communicating the value that your company brings to the customer’s table. You can easily pay them well because of how much profitable business revenue they pull into your company. And their loyalty to you is so strong that even though competitors attempt to recruit them on a regular basis, they would never consider leaving you. You almost can’t even remember the last time you had turnover in your sales department.

You have non-sales employees that are amazing when it comes to taking care of your customers. They feel rewarded by knowing the role they play in making your customer’s lives better. They feel a sense of ownership in the success of your company. They don’t do the work because they have to. They do the work because they want your company to succeed. Your turnover rate in your non-sales employees is minimal.

And you have a customer base that is built on mutually beneficial relationships between them, your employees and you. Your customers are amazed by the value they receive from you and tell everyone they know about your great customer service. Many of your customers actively refer business to you on a regular basis. And unlike other companies in your industry, your customers just never seem to leave.

That is the future… but this is now.

You are like most small business owners. You feel like you are constantly juggling. One minute you are focused on trying to equip and motivate your sales team to achieve the numbers you need to survive. But then you are interrupted by an immediate need in your plant because a new customer’s delivery is being delayed. In the next minute you are on the phone with the bank about the financial data they need in order to approve a loan you have requested. And you have two customers who have left messages asking for you to return their calls. As you think about doing so, you are anticipating that the calls will be less than cordial.

Don’t lose heart. Your business can move from where it is now to that place in the future you imagine.

Over the next few Thursdays, I will show you how you can achieve that move with a concept that I call Fusion Points®.

“Fusion Points® are those unifying moments when logic and positive emotion merge and ignite creating commitment, energy, and acceleration.”

– Jeff C. West

The result… you generate persistent and beneficial partnerships between you, your sales team, your non-sales employees and your customers. You drastically reduce the turnover that most businesses experience in those same areas. And you build a corporate culture that is both rewarding and profitable for everyone.

Stay tuned…