Sir, Can You Spare Some Change?


The plight of the homeless is something that strikes close to my heart.


As I see the people holding signs at intersections, I know that some may be legitimate and others are most likely not.  But I am smart enough to know that there are stories behind the intersections that I will never know.


Upon seeing some homeless people at the Star of Hope Mission in Houston, TX, Jim Fariss made the following observation:


“I was sure that some were there as a result of some less than stellar choices they had made in their lives.  But I suspected that others most likely had a story, which if known would reveal much more than just the simple combination of their bad decisions.”

– Jim Fariss,  from The Unexpected Tour Guide

I think it is always good to challenge our beliefs at times.  That is the only way for us to realize that change is necessary.

My friend, S. Anthony Iannarino had a great post on how to know when we are unwilling to change.  Everyone should read this, whether it applies to your career or your personal life.


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