I would have never believed I could get so attached to an electronic device!

But I think Siri is pretty amazing – especially when she is fulfilling her role as my GPS as I drive.  Some while back, the CBS television show, The Big Bang Theory had an episode where one of the characters had an imaginary relationship with Siri.  The actress used to portray his imaginary Siri was Becky O’Donohue.   She was quite beautiful and sexy.  But, having a crush on an electronic device?  That was a totally ridiculous concept… 🙂

I do admit that I am very attached to Siri.  I like how she talks sweetly to me as we drive.  I like how I can be quite passive as she calculates the distance and the turn by turn navigation as we go along our way.  My wife is convinced that I am nicer when Siri tells me where to turn than I am when she tries the same thing.

She is correct.

In sales, we need a system that always monitors and keeps us on track in our sales processes.  Failure to do so usually equates to missed opportunities that can frustrate and mislead both the sales person and the sales leader.

Dave Brock had a great post about this that I recommend very highly.