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“One of the most helpful things I did, from the very beginning of my sales career, was take advantage of the wisdom of other successful people.  I invested in myself by buying and reading their books, listening to their recordings and hanging out with people who had already done what I wanted to do.”

 Learning from experience requires getting out there in the field and taking your bumps along the way.  Learning from wisdom involves studying the experiences of others to gain from their successes and mistakes.  If you want to become successful in sales, you have to do both.”

~ Jeff


Free Resources:  Use to Build A Great Sales Career

Influential Selling”

Live broadcast on Go-Giver Influencers – Making a Significant Impact, hosted by Bob Burg




“Sales and Emotions

The Go-Giver Podcast, with Bob Burg.




“Persistence Pays

The Buyer’s Mind, With Jeff Shore

9 Steps for The Unexpected Sales Manager

A PDF Guide and for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are now developing their first sales teams.  Also a great tool for new sales managers.

6 Steps for Creating AMAZING Fusion

Use the science of the decision-making process to increase your persistence in your sales career, your prospect list, and your customer base.

Books for sale by some of the greatest thought-leaders in sales