Are your sales prospects hiding?

One of my favorite childhood games was called “Kick The Can”.  This simple game was basically “Hide And Seek” with an added level of difficulty.

The rules of the game were as follows:


  1. Someone was selected to be “it”.  The person who was “it” would stand at “home base”, hide their eyes and count aloud to 100.
  2. The remaining participants would scatter and hide during that count to 100.
  3. When the count was completed – the person who was “it” would then leave “home base” to seek out the hidden participants.
  4. As the hidden participants were found – the person who was “it” would yell, “1,2,3 on [whomever]!” and then race back to  “home base”.
  5. If “it” got to home base first – the person would be captured.  If not, the person was allowed to hide again.

What made “Kick The Can” different from “Hide and Seek” was a small can that was kept on the ground at home base.  While “it” was searching – any of the other participants could race to home base, scream “KICK THE CAN!!” – and then kick the can away.  At that point, all of those captured were set free.

And “it” had to go find the stinking can!

“Kick The Can” could be very frustrating to a young boy who seemed to be “it” all of the time.  It seemed like you worked very hard to find everyone – then suddenly your little heart got broken.  If it weren’t for my Aunt Arlene helping me – I may have been “it” forever! 🙂

I use the term “Target Prospects” when referring to those potential clients that would make your “dream” customers.  They may vary by industry but are usually larger and generate more income.  80% of your efforts should be spent on your “bread and butter” prospects that fit the “sweet spot” in your industry.  But 20% of your time should be spent identifying, developing relationships and turning your target prospects into dream customers.

Are your target prospects playing “hide and seek”?  Or are your target prospects playing “Kick The Can”?

Once you identify and begin a relationship with your target prospects, are you completing the sales process and turning them into customers?  If so, that is simply a game of “Hide and Seek” and you are doing the job correctly.

However, if you have started the sales process with your target prospects, only to get that dreaded message that they have chosen your competitor over you – someone just ran to home base and yelled, “KICK THE CAN!!” on you.

That can be very frustrating!

This week, we will be talking about ways you can keep from losing your target prospects to your competition in the middle of the game.

I’ll give you a hint.  You need an Aunt Arlene!  Don’t miss out this week!


Do you maintain a current list of your target prospects?