Most people would tell you that I am normally a very nice person.

I was raised to say, “Yes Sir”, and “No Ma’am”.  I usually even do so when addressing someone younger than me.  I open doors for people, both male and female.  I also would not consciously walk through a doorway ahead of any lady.  That just would not be proper.  A lady surprised me once as I was opening the door for her.  In a good natured tone, she said, “You know, just because I am a woman does not mean that I cannot open doors for myself.”  I smiled back at her and said, “I’m sure. But because I am a gentleman, I would be honored if you would allow me to do that for you.”  She smiled and walked through the door.

My wife, however, would tell you that there is one particular area in which my normal good nature seems to lag.  Actually, I’m sure she could list more than one – but I am writing this instead of her, so we will tell it my way! 🙂

That area in which my demeanor really needs to improve is when I find someone driving slowly in the left lane of traffic.

“Left Laners”, as I like to call them make me crazy.  Okay, maybe not crazy, but they REALLY annoy me.  A “Left Laner” is someone who drives in the left (passing) lane on a freeway or side street – but does not pass anyone.  They impede the traffic behind them by driving either the exact same speed as the car to their right – or sometimes even slower.  Most of them seem totally oblivious to their surroundings as cars pass them by moving into the right lane and going around.  The slow driver just continues to look forward as the other frustrated driver stares directly into their car while passing them in the right lane… okay, as I stare directly into their car while passing them in the right lane.

The Texas Legislature even passed a law making it illegal to be a “Left Laner” on highways with speed limits of 75 mph or higher.  However, I am not sure if anyone has actually received such a citation.  My friend Bill always said that these “Left Laners” have no goals in life!  I tend to agree.

“Left Laners” impede our progress which frustrates us when we have a goal to get somewhere.

What are the “Left Laners” that are impeding your progress in your sales career?  I believe the top three for most people are as follows:

  1. Self-limiting beliefs
  2. Lack of goal setting
  3. Poor time management

In this week’s blogs we will discuss how to get these sales “Left Laners” to move over and get out of your life.


What are the things you would add to your personal list of sales “Left Laners”?