The sales success journey can be a winding road at times.

In my book, The Unexpected Tour Guide, the first chapter is entitled, “Growing Up Covered In Dirt.”  That is no accident.  Even though my book is a fictional story about a young salesman’s journey and the events that changed his life – it is in many ways a reflection of my own childhood and my personal journey along the way.

The first sentence in the chapter says, “I’ll begin my story about a mile and a half down an old country dirt road in north Georgia.”  That is exactly where most of my favorite childhood memories took place.  The home that we lived in is still there – although almost everything around it has most definitely changed.

I remember long summer days sitting underneath a muscadine vine.  My stepfather had trellised this vine in such a way that it made a wonderful “cave” that would give shade from the heat – as well as hide me from my mother as I ate more of the fruit than she would ever have allowed.  The “musky-dines” would be covered in dirt because it was only a few feet from the road that led to our house.  But it was “clean dirt” my cousins and I would proudly claim as we continued to eat.

When they finally paved the road, it was a very big deal in our family.  A paved road meant progress was heading our way.  A paved road also meant that even significant rainstorms would not make our travels impossible.

This week, I am going to give you guidance on your personal goal setting – as well as in providing projections to the sales leadership in your organization.  While you are closing out the first quarter and pushing to hit your goals, you should also be focused on the second quarter performance.  I recommend the following:

PAVE – Pipeline Asset Value Estimates


Pipeline – Any potential sale in which you have made your initial presentation/fact finding conversation and have positive movement along the sales cycle – but as of yet have not closed the sale.  For this discussion, prospects (prior to presentation/conversation) would not be a part of your pipeline.  People who tell you “no” would also not be part of your pipeline.  If they are between an initial presentation/conversation and a sale – they belong in your pipeline.

Asset Value – The sales and/or commission value of any potential sale in your pipeline, based on your average sale for a potential customer of that size.

Estimates – How much sales volume and commission will your pipeline ACTUALLY generate this quarter?  Ah… now here is the tricky part.

Tomorrow we will discuss the most important reason for your PAVE; your personal income and goal setting.

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If you closed every sale in your pipeline between now and June 30th, how much income would you make?