I don’t think I ever interviewed any potential sales candidate that did not have the phrase, “self-starter” either on their resume or in their introduction letter.


Since they all said they were indeed “self-starters”, my sales team never had anyone who failed to make the grade, right?  After all, they would not be allowed to put anything on their resume that wasn’t true, would they?


Next you will be telling me that people can put things on the internet that aren’t true as well!

Bon jour!”

So, what does it really take to be a self-starter?

My friend, S. Anthony Iannarino says that one important trait is to be the kind of person that doesn’t let others tell them what to do.


I think he is right on the money!

Take a look at this article by clicking on the button below.  Anthony also has a great podcast that I highly recommend.  I personally subscribe to it.  It is called, “In The Arena”.  You can find it in iTunes.  There is no charge to subscribe and it is some great sales training.


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