Yesterday we discussed the fact that all sales leaders leave their mark.

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Today, let’s talk about how that mark is left and what we can do to make it a great mark indeed.

I often hear people refer to passing their legacy along to the next generation.  I understand their thought process.  After all, most of us who have been around the block for a few years (decades) tend to think that we have learned something along the way.  Most people that I have known will openly share the life lessons they have learned.  Some may share a little too much if you ask their children and grandchildren.  But there is something inside most of us that makes us want to hand our wisdom off to those who follow.

But I have some bad news for you.  You can’t pass your legacy along.

As a matter of fact, your legacy has very little to do with you. Instead, your legacy has everything to do with others.


“Rather than see you as a “self-focused” person… they see you as a “them-focused” person.”


If you really want to leave a great mark on those around you – your focus has to be on them.

It doesn’t matter if you are discussing sales, leadership (sales, business, or organizational) or personal relationships – the principles are the same.


To leave a great mark you have to love your people.  That love is demonstrated by how you value their needs and focus on their betterment.  That love is demonstrated in how you relate to them in both verbal and non-verbal ways.  You give them your time and attention.  You share your counsel with them.  You are authentic.  You connect with them.  Although you must also see to your own needs, they may never know that you do. Rather than see you as a “self-focused” person… they see you as a “them-focused” person.


Loving your people is not enough if you want to leave a great mark.  You can love them into the “poor house” if you are not careful.  You must also equip your people to be self sufficient and successful.  That comes only from getting side by side and demonstrating the skills they need in live situations. Demonstrate… but then hold them accountable for duplicating what you teach.


Develop a clear vision of what “great” looks like for them.  Develop a clear path to their greatness.  Develop a clear message that gives them confidence in their ability and your leadership.  Develop the ability to deliver that message in powerful phrases that make success seem like a foregone conclusion.

Tomorrow we will discuss how sales people make their mark with their clients, their families, and their careers.


What other ways have you made your mark with your sales teams?