There is a question that has puzzled sales leaders for decades.  

How can you take two salespeople who seem to have equal skill-sets and equal resumes – and yet when you put them out into the field, one of them “makes it” and the other totally fails?

The answer is found in how they make their decisions.

The fact is that their is a science, an actual neurological process that occurs with every decision we make.  When we understand and apply that decision to our sales model, our customer service program and our plan for retaining our sales team… AMAZING Results follow!

Jeff’s Fusion Points® Leadership Workshop will equip your sales leadership team to apply that science to increase the retention of your sales team, your prospects and your customers.

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If you are going to walk through a mind field, it is helpful to follow the footsteps of someone who has already made the trip.  

Jeff will equip you to build amazing Fusion Points® throughout your sales team and customer base.

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This is one of two books that totally changed the direction of my career.  Just my humble opinion, but this is the best book on leadership that is in print.