Sales leaders; sometimes it takes years for your impact to be known.

Although I have a music background, I have to admit I really don’t follow today’s music all that much.  For years, after completing my Master’s Degree in Music Composition, I could not passively listen to music for the pure enjoyment.  Instead, as I would listen I would be performing a mental analysis of the music.  I could tell you the chord structure and progression.  I could tell you what development was occurring with the original thematic material.  And since film scoring was a particular interest of mine, I could even name the composer in most movies and tell you their tendencies.

That was then.  This is now.

Over the weekend, I heard an interview with a man who has won several Grammy Awards.  He is a producer, singer, song writer and composer.  His name is Pharrell Williams.  He has a song out that I have heard many times called “Happy”.

As he told the story of his life he made a statement that really connected with me, and raised my appreciation of him.  He said this:

“My story is the average story, you know.  It was [just] filled with special people.”

How many of us can look back on our own lives and say the same thing?  I know I can.  I was blessed with some wonderful people in my life who were good influences and great mentors.  I can name teachers, preachers, business leaders and sales leaders who each had a significantly important impact on my life.

My challenge for each of you this morning is to do two things:

  1. Think of the people in your life (personal and professional) who had a role in the person you are today.  If possible, write them a quick thank you note.  It doesn’t have to be much – just a quick note to let them know that your life is better because they were a part of it.
  2. Commit to being a person of positive impact for those in your life now.  Be the kind of sales leader and life leader that will come to mind for others, when asked who were the major influences for good in their life.

One more final quote from Pharrell Williams this morning:

“It can’t be all you.  Just like you need air to fly a kite, it’s not the kite.  It’s the air.”

My personal thought is that it takes both.

Go fly a kite – be the air to your team this week.


Have you seen sales leaders who were the kite’s weight instead of its air?  What do you do that makes you different to your team?