I love to laugh!

I also love to make others laugh, so I have decided that we need something funny on Monday mornings to get us kick-started for the week.  I don’t really know how many Monday’s we can keep this up.  But I am going to start it today.  Help me out by sending me your funny stories about sales.  Email me your stories at jcwest@tx-gulfcoast.com

Here are the rules about our funny Monday stories.

  1. Keep them clean.  Nothing rated higher than PG, please.  I prefer to think of this blog as a family show. 🙂
  2. Stories should be short funny stories about sales, business, or life-work balance.
  3. If you have a picture that helps illustrate your story, I will post it with your permission.

I’ll start.

I had a sign in my office window advertising that I was looking for an administrative assistant. On the second day, I was surprised when a German Shepherd came into the foyer of the office, holding my help wanted sign in his mouth.

I had just completed a course about the EEOC rules regarding non-discriminatory hiring practices.  So, even though I knew that I did not want to hire the German Shepherd, I was not willing to take any chances.  Thus, I agreed to interview the dog.

“This position has a requirement that the candidate be able to use Excel and complete complicated spreadsheets.  Do you have experience using Excel?” I asked.

The dog went over to my computer, placed his paw on the mouse, and after a few clicks brought up a fantastic spreadsheet with graphs, complicated formulas and beautiful charts.  Then he looked over at me with a smile as he panted just a bit.

“Hmmm?”, I thought to myself.

“Well”, I said.  “The position also requires that the candidate be able to order lunch for our staff meetings.”

The German Shepherd turned again to the computer, went online to the local deli and ordered lunch for 8 people.

As the dog looked again in my direction, I began to worry.  “I can’t hire a dog.” I thought as I considered my options.  Then I had what I considered to be a brilliant “aha” moment.

“Well, this is Texas and we are in a wonderfully multi-cultural marketplace.  The person selected for this position must be bilingual.”

That should do the trick!”, I thought.

The dog looked at me, smiled and said, “Meow!”

I hired the dog.