We have been discussing the three buying languages that, once you become fluent in them, increase your sales success.

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Today, we continue with the buying language of Knowledge.

Yesterday we discussed how gaining knowledge through your prep work and your questions helps you speak the language of understanding.  That foundation will position you on a platform to speak their language of Knowledge. When we perceive someone as being very knowledgeable, we think of them as an expert in their field and are more comfortable following their advice.  Your prospect is going to expect you to be their expert in three key areas.

  1. Their needs
  2. The solution to their needs
  3. The best method of implementing the solution to their needs

Before making the transition from prospect to customer, they need to know that you understand their needs.  That requires that you not only understand those needs, but that you communicate effectively your understanding of those needs. The most simple way to do that is – after your prep work and your great questions, you state your understanding of their needs back to them and ask for confirmation that you understand them correctly.  When they confirm that with you – you have successfully spoken their language.

The prospect also needs to know that you have a solution their needs – and if you want to be a trusted partner, they need to also understand the value you bring above and beyond the transaction.  This means that you must become a value creation expert in which of your products or services best make the prospect’s life better and the ways your company and you can personally add value above the transaction.  Once again, it is not enough for you to know this – they must know this.  Confirm their understanding by asking them if they understand and agree that your recommendations will work for them.

And finally, they need to know that you are the expert at implementing the solutions that the you have created together.  This is an area in which I see many sales people dropping the ball.  If you have asked the right questions – you will know their needs, decision making process, timetables and implementation schedules.  Speaking their language of knowledge means that you now guide them about the most effective way to implement your solutions.  Ask a simple question, then take the lead.  “Do the recommendations meet your expectations and are you comfortable with them?  Great!  One of the ways I will be making your job easier is by being your expert on coordinating the implementation of our ideas.  Here is what we need to do next.”

I’ve seen some sales training that basically teaches that after you gain agreement on your recommendations, you ask, “What do we need to do next?”  I would have to humbly disagree with that concept.  You should already know their decision making and implementation timetables based on your discussions.  It is now time to take the lead and help them.  After all, you normally have more experience at how to implement your product or service than they do.  Make that expertise available to them.

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QUESTION:  What areas do you believe you should become more knowledgeable for your potential clients?