Recipe For Success

I love to cook.

When I was in my early forties, I found that I not only love to cook, I have sort of a natural talent for understanding and combining ingredients in a new way to bring my own spin on some traditional dishes.  I have watched countless hours of the various cooking shows on The Food Network.

Whether making Chicken Cordon Bleu, Beef Bourguignon, or just pizza from scratch I believe that if I have a recipe to follow, I can successfully prepare the meal.

I am convinced that seeing me with a bit of flour on my hands and cheek while wearing an apron is the look that caught the affections of my wife.  What can I say; Emeril Lagasse made me a sexy man! 🙂

Everything is better if you have a recipe that will bring consistent results.  Sales is no exception.

The following is my recipe for sales success:


1 cup of work ethic

1 cup of tenacity

1 cup of people skills

1 cup of a great attitude

1 lb. of prospecting

1 lb. understanding the value you bring

1 lb. great questions

1 lb. courage to make recommendations that are best for the client

1/2 lb of sales techniques


In a career, add work ethic, tenacity, people skills and a great attitude.  Mix them well with a great company and product in which you can proudly believe.  Stir in some great mentorship and fellow team mates.

Add in a high level of prospecting.  Grease the pan with a keen understanding of the value you bring and how to communicate that value to a prospect.  Form some great questions that will get your prospect to communicate with you and reveal the challenges they face for which you may provide a solution.

Cook in a 500 degree oven – having the courage to always make the recommendations that are in the client’s best interest – even when it may be hot and uncomfortable.

Sprinkle in some sales techniques to keep you closing the sale.

You will know that it is done, when you look in your bank account and notice that it makes you smile.

Cook on, my friends.  Cook on!

QUESTION:  What is your favorite dish?