Are You a Newbie in Insurance Sales?

~ You’re just getting started in insurance! You’re excited about the potential! And you’re a little scared about the fluctuating incomes that come with being on commission!

~ You want to provide a lifestyle for you and your family like you see in the successful veteran agents around you!

~ You want to get the fastest possible start, with the fewest possible mistakes!


I’m Jeff C. West

Allow me to guide you!

“Why should you listen to me?  Because I have experienced all of those things too. There’s a shortcut that works, and I’ll share it with you!”

“Wherever you are in your career, I’ve been in your shoes.  I started in entry-level insurance sales with no experience, no leads and no renewal income.  But over the course of time, I learned a sales model that is built on the science of how people make decisions.  In my story, working with that science transformed an average sales career into a multi-million dollar career – including 10 years as a State Manager for a nationally recognized Fortune 500® insurance company, and member of their prestigious President’s Club.”

“If you will allow me to be your guide through my step-by-step process, we can work together to turn your story into the best, yet to come.”

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