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That was a question that I remember hearing often as a youngster.

Apparently, I spent some amount of time just staring ahead of me with no particular intention or thought on my mind…. and apparently, that bothered my mother.

“Where are you looking?” my mother would ask.  My answer was usually, “Nowhere.”

That was never an acceptable answer for my mother.  In your sales career, it should never be an answer for you either.

Sales people – is your focus on your prospect, on yourself, or in no particular direction?

Sales Leaders – is your focus on yourself, your company, or on your sales team?

As a sales person, your focus must be on your prospect and helping them get what they want.  As a Sales Leader, your focus must be on equipping your sales team to achieve their goals and dreams.

My friend, Bob Burg, had a great article on one of the most consistent rules of being successful in sales.


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