The Self-Guided Tour of Sales: Complete Package (Audio + Video + Interactive PDF)


Skyrocket your sales by taking the “journeys” in this companion toolkit to The Unexpected Tour Guide.

This complete package includes a video series which may be viewed from your computer or mobile device; an audio series which may be listened at your convenience; and an interactive PDF that allows you to complete the “journeys” at your own pace and save your work.



The Unexpected Tour Guide is the story of a young salesman named Jim Fariss. However, it could have just as easily been a story about a veteran sales person.

It could have just as easily have been your story.

It is the story of a good person that everyone likes and wants to see succeed. He has charm, talent and a solid work ethic. But for some reason, things are just not working out for him. The resulting stress is causing problems in his home life. And he is struggling to find answers.

One day he meets an unexpected tour guide – a homeless man named Ray.

The relationship between Jim and Ray totally changes the direction in Jim’s life.

As Ray takes Jim on this mysterious “tour,” Jim begins to understand why he is struggling and he finally sees things from a totally different perspective. Ray accomplishes this by taking Jim on several “journeys” that develop Jim’s thought process and skill set.

This work, The Self-Guided Tour of Sales, is designed to take you on those same journeys.

To get the most out of this tool – take each journey. Complete all of the assignments as you do. Discuss them with your sales leader or a trusted mentor.

If you do, you will find that your sales success skyrockets and you quickly become one of the most outstanding sales people with your company.