Most sales people want to achieve.  They want to have the commitment, energy and acceleration that propels them into the upper echelon of sales and financial success.

Every sales leader and business owner wants that to happen for their sales team as well.  They know that when their sales team is successful, they too become successful.  They want to be able to coach their team into possessing the tenacity to fight the great business battles and win.  They want to lead their teams around the pitfalls that consume the productivity of many organizations – such as indifference, cowardice and burnout.

Most importantly, everyone wants to avoid the turnover that happens in the selling profession.

When turnover happens – everyone loses.

Although we will never completely avoid having people leave the sales profession; I do not accept the premise that high attrition is just part of the puzzle in building a sales career or a successful sales organization.

Reduce your turnover (personal or organizational) by accepting the following about yourself and your sales team.

  1. Every decision is made with a combination of logic and emotion.  Decisions to quit or persist are no exception.
  2. Negative emotions of frustration, fear, embarrassment or worry combined with the logic of your business process will result in collision points.  Decisions made from that combination are always bad for you, your family and your success.
  3. Positive emotions of love, joy, belonging, pride and hope combined with the logic of your business process will result in FusionPoints®. Decisions made from FusionPoints® will lead to success, achievement, fulfillment and reward.
  4. Creating FusionPoints® for yourself and/or your sales team is vital to your success.  You must be intentional about feeding those positive emotions while combining them with a sound and logical business plan.

To take your energy and motivation from temporary to self-sustaining – create your own fusion force by connecting your deepest passions with your rational and convincing plan to achieve your goals.[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×300.jpg” width=”241″ align=”right” title=”LINDSAY AND WHITNEY 5 AND 2″ frame=”true” icon=”image” caption=””]

Basically – when you link your deepest passions (in my case, that was easy – my daughters) with your logic, you take the idea of FusionPoints® to the highest possible level.

This principle works in every area of your life.  It does not have to be only in sales or business.

Organizational and personal success is found by those who continually renew their positive emotions, combine them with a sound plan of action, and then connect that plan to their deepest passions.


How can you create FusionPoints® for other people?


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