I have often heard it said that the vast majority of communication is in fact non-verbal communication.  I truly believe that to be the case.  And I think I have an above average ability to read people by their facial expression, voice tone and body language.

I recently posted something on FaceBook that talked about the non-verbal communication that a woman may give and how a husband should interpret that information.

If her hands are around your throat; her non-verbal communication is telling you that she may be upset about something. 🙂

My wife is a Texan.  She reaches for her gun instead of your throat. 🙂

I had the privilege of hearing Lisa McLeod on a Go-Givers Success Alliance call the other day.  I highly recommend that you get to know her.  She had a great post that I read about our non-verbal communication and I thought you would enjoy it.

Read Lisa’s Post