Nobody Said It Was Easy


I loved the position of being a sales leader.  I enjoyed taking a new person with no experience, teaching them the basics of sales, and then going out with them in the field.  It was so much fun as I watched them “get it”.   


I also loved equipping other leaders in doing the same.  Creating the vision and providing the direction that leads a team of individuals into accomplishing some pretty amazing goals is a very rewarding experience.


As my income grew, I learned that money was not as big of a motivator for me as it was in the early days of my career.  However, as the burning desire of increasing my personal income waned, I found that it was easy for me to refocus that burning desire toward helping other people increase their incomes.  As a matter of fact, I used to count the number of people that I had helped grow their incomes to exceed $100,000 per year.  Although I quit counting that specific number at a certain point, I still feel a sense of accomplishment when I think about how many did so.  They did the work… but I was a part of their picture.


Many of them chose to also do the same thing for others.  That is what leadership is all about.


Many people don’t want the responsibility of leadership… especially sales leadership.  That is because it is not always easy.


But things that are worthwhile are seldom easy.


One of my very favorite sales authors, S. Anthony Iannarino had a great post about the responsibilities of sales leadership.  You should all take a minute to read this.




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