Over my years in sales, “no”s never bothered me very much.

Don’t get me wrong.  I much preferred to get a “yes” over a “no”.  In other words, I wasn’t crazy. 🙂

But the instances when someone actually told me that they were choosing not to do business with me were infinitely better than those instances where someone would not make a decision.

I used to have a plaque on my wall that said,

“Tell me yes.  Tell me no.  Tell me hell no!  

Just please don’t tell me maybe.”

– Jeff C. West

For the life of me, I just  couldn’t understand why some people would defer making any decision at all – even when it was obvious (to me) that moving forward was in their best interest.

Nancy Nardin had a great article on this recently.  I thought you would enjoy reading it.

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