Hear the warm ocean breezes blowing?



Taste the cool cerveza as it rolls gently over your tongue.



I am sitting under a palapa in Mexico.  I am working very hard at becoming a better sales trainer.  And I am learning in shorts!

Did you know that studies show that people actually learn more efficiently and retain more information if the curriculum is delivered in shorts!  I am actually talking about short segments rather than long drawn out meetings.

For sales training to be effective – studies suggest the following:

  • Information should be delivered in small amounts
  • Time should be allowed between training sessions to allow the student to actually apply the lessons learned in practical settings
  • Content should either be delivered or reinforced using media that the student may keep with them (smart devices)

Think of how you are delivering your sales training at this time.  What adjustments can you make to match what the studies show?

Michael Boyette had a great article on this topic.  I encourage you to read it.  I think I will read it again right now – in my shorts!

Read Michael’s Article

Enjoy!  And Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!