How many times have you heard the acronym, K.I.S.S.?


Of course, for the most part, when we hear that term, it has been described as, “Keep It Simple Stupid!”  I personally do not like to use the word “stupid“.   I think it is disrespectful, shows a lack of politeness and in my humble opinion, people who use such terms when referring to other people are just stupid!  🙂


Oh… wait a minute.  I did hear one story where the term made a little sense to me. 


An older man walked into a bar, obviously distraught over something.  He ordered a shot of whiskey, downed it in one gulp, and then shouted across the bar, “I think ALL politicians are just stupid!”

A young fellow at the other end of the room stood up and yelled back, “Hey!  I resent that comment and find it offensive!”

The older man replied, “Why? Are you a politician?”

The young man replied back, “No!  But I am stupid and I don’t want to be lumped into that crowd!”


When it comes to sales, there is a certain amount of truth in the principle of K.I.S.S .


But I like to change it up a bit.


“Keep It Simple, Salesperson”.


Robert Terson, one of my favorite authors had a great article on this.  As your Sales Tour Guide, allow me to take you on that journey.




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