If you create one extra hour of creativity or productivity in your schedule each day – it will result in 12.5% more time spent building your business.

1 hour = 12.5% of an 8-hour work day.

So, for those of you who really aren’t even working a full 8 hour day – the extra hour will have even more of an impact! 🙂

Try these simple suggestions to jump start your day:

1) Set your alarm for a minimum of one hour prior to the time you actually need to get up.

Use that time to drink your morning coffee and wake up a little more slowly.  Read at least 15 minutes in a book that teaches you something positive.  Having this extra quiet time in the morning will actually make you more ready for the day.

2) Make your first sales call on the way to the office.

Whether your first sales call is a drop by or a phone dial – make that first call on your way to your office.   If your sales process requires you to get on the calendar with hard to reach people:  you may very will find that making that call before the day gets busy is a very productive use of your time.  I often would drop in on a busy business owner at 7:00 a.m., with coffee in one hand and a sausage biscuit in the other.  I never had an owner refuse the time with me when I got that early start.

3) Make your “to do list” for any day at the close of the previous day.

Making that list at that time will be more accurate due to the fact that all details are still fresh on your mind.  And saving that few minutes the next morning will help you get started sooner on your sales calls.  You may also find you sleep better because work details that must be attended to in the morning are not keeping you awake.

4) Work your first prospecting Action Blockfrom 8:00 a.m. until 10:00.

Two quick hours of highly focused time devoted to prospecting first thing in the morning will get your “sales metabolism” started.

QUESTION:  What is your most productive time of the day?