It’s Your Duty!


As we enter into our Independence Day Celebration in America this weekend, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our people who have served in any of the armed forces.  The sacrifices you make in our service are incredible and appreciated.


I would also like to thank our police officers.  More and more it seems to me that you put your life at risk to protect us – when many of the people you are protecting do not seem to appreciate you very much.  As for me and my family – we absolutely do appreciate you.


And finally, I would like to thank our first responders such as fire fighters, and emergency personnel.  Seeing you run bravely toward danger when everyone else is running away is an inspiration.


I challenge everyone reading this to buy the lunch of the next soldier, police officer or first responder that you see at your local restaurant.  Imagine what it means to each of them when someone shows their appreciation.


For those in business, sales or sales leadership, I would be remiss if I didn’t also direct you to a great article I read recently about our duty.


Dan Waldschmidt had a great post on this.




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