“Fusion Points™ are those unifying moments when logic and positive emotion merge and ignite, creating commitment, energy, and acceleration.”

—Jeff C. West

For most of us, when establishing your value proposition, the logical side of the equation is easier. Our company has trained us well regarding how our company and our product or service is the very best in the marketplace. We understand that part.

We like talking about that part.

The logical part of the equation lies more in our comfort zone.

The result is that many salespeople tend to dive directly into the logical part of the value proposition. Sometimes it is the only part of the value proposition they even make an effort to establish.

Those people find themselves “telling” the prospect how great their company is and how awesome their products are.

…Unfortunately, they also find most of their prospects never becoming customers.

Leaving out the emotional component of the Fusion Points™ equation with your prospects will drastically reduce your chances of closing the sale.

The reason is simple.

If you are persuasive, your prospect might understand how your product’s features work and how your company will service them well.

However, when they see their personal benefit, they will definitely care about how their life gets better when they use your product or service correctly.

When they care and understand—your chances of making the sale are greatly increased.

I will leave the logical component of the equation in the well-prepared hands of your company leadership. However, I want you to take a few minutes to consider the emotional side of your value proposition.

Take the time to write down a few sentences in answer to that first question:

“How is my customer’s life or business made better as a result of their interaction with me and my company and by how they use our product or service?”

As you answer, remember that you are not answering the question from your perspective nor that of your company. You are answering it as if looking through the eyes of your customer.

Let me give you some important hints as you think about your value proposition.

Your customer’s life or business is not made better because your widget has a special gizmo that makes it better than the widget of your competition. Their life is not made better by the fact that your widget can be delivered faster and last longer.

And guess what? Their life is not even made better because your widget’s price is lower than your competition’s.

Their life or business is made better by the fact that they will accomplish some goal or need that means something to them by taking advantage of your widget.

“Your value proposition is not actually yours. To the contrary, your value proposition is theirs.

Jeff C. West

When your total focus is based on how you can help them achieve a goal or need that is important to them, you will find that creating fusion with them is much easier.

The mechanics of how your company provides the widget, along with how your customer specifically uses the widget to make it function properly, provides the logic.

The improvement in their personal or business life brought about by their use of your widget, along with their perception of their interaction with you and your company, provides the emotion.

In my next article, I will illustrate this by telling you about something that happened to me in 1993 which really drove this lesson home for me.

Please feel free to share this article it resonates with you. 🙂

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