I’m Balanced, Right?


When you love what you do, it can at times be difficult to tell when you are losing that precious life/work balance that we all know we should keep.  When you are struggling in your career, it can feel all but impossible.


So, how does that “unbalanced” life manage to work its way in to our world.


It creeps into your world ever so quietly.  You find yourself working more hours.  When you get home, you find your thoughts are still focused on your day.  You find that you are no longer engaged in family activities like you were before.


If you are intentional in your process, you can insure that you always maintain the proper life/work balance.  Try following these steps.


Clarify Your “Why”

For most of us, the life we want to provide for and enjoy with our family is why we are willing to do the work we do.  It is called life/work balance instead of work/life balance for a reason.  Life should be the first priority.  It is not enough just to provide a great life for your family – and then miss it.  You should have a clear picture in your mind about how you want to enjoy that life with your family.  If you are a family of “one” at this stage in your life, seek out worthy charitable organizations and groups of friends and find ways to enjoy “non-working” time in those areas.


“Our career is not our life.  It is what we do for a living.”

– Jeff C. West




Compartmentalize and Prioritize

Block your calendar time and schedule both life and work activities.  To be successful at anything requires time and commitment.  You want to be successful in your life and your career, so plan sufficient time for both.  Then protect the time you block in each area.  There will be times when either priority may require more effort than normal.  When that happens, agree that the “imbalance” will only be temporary.


Make Time For Higher Purposes

One of the best ways to keep your life/work balance is to have time where you intentionally focus on higher purposes.  My faith gives me that focus.  It helps me to focus on the needs of others in both tangible and spiritual areas.  If you are an agnostic or atheist you should still do the same thing.  Find a charity or cause that serves something bigger than yourself that you believe to be worthwhile.  Then prioritize some of your time in that area.


QUESTION:  Where do you like spending your non-working hours?