I have been so blessed as a parent!  My daughters were relatively easy children to raise.  My youngest daughter, Whitney, reminded me again last weekend on how lucky we were that they were such good kids.  (She get’s her humbleness from her father) 🙂

She is absolutely correct.  Both my girls were a joy.

If my mother were still around, she might not say the EXACT same thing about me.  I may have been a little less than cooperative… only on a very few occasions, I’m sure.

One particular instance comes to mind as I write today.  I was a youngster during the 60s and 70s.  The “hippies” were in full bloom and long hair was the rebellious style of the day.  I wanted to have that long hair.

My mother was very understanding and open-minded about how I wanted to wear my hair.  She said, “You can have your hair cut any way you want – as long as it is either a “flat-top” or a “burr”.

For those of you who do not know the definition of those two terms, allow me to help you.  A “flat-top” was an extremely short haircut performed by the same type of clippers used today.  When the barber was finished – your head was completely “buzzed” and hair was almost non-existent on the sides, but the top was a little longer and cut in such a way that your hair looked like a flat table on top.  A “burr” was the same as a “flat-top”, minus the top – you had basically no hair left.

I remember being a youngster sitting in the barber’s chair, my arms folded and my face shaped into a tight frown.  Then I defiantly said to my mother, “I don’t want to!”

Then I got my haircut.

What did you expect?  Some great sales presentation at 7 years old?  My mother was definitely the boss – not me.

Dave Ramsey says, “Live like no one else is living today, so you CAN live like no one else can live tomorrow.”

Becoming successful at anything often requires us to have the discipline to do things we don’t necessarily want to do.  We just have to have the character to do them anyway.

My friend, Bob Burg has an excellent post on this.  Go read it and enjoy!

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